Monday, January 31, 2011

Filling in the Cracks!

About a month ago Nick got offered an amazing job, one that he applied for over a year ago.  The application process was long and grueling.  Needless to say, they don't hire just anyone. ::Happy Dance::
Well, along with the job came a lot of "unknowns".  Day by day they are becoming "known"-For better or for worse.  :)  Today, we learned when he will leave for training...May 2nd!  Exciting right?!?! Yes!  This makes everything so real.  This also means Nick will still be living 13 hours away on the day of our wedding and for 4 weeks prior.  As far as we know he will have weekends off, so... by God's grace he will standing by my side on our wedding day!  One can only pray.
I honestly couldn't be more thrilled about Nick's new career taking off and everything that comes with it.  If I know one thing I am in for a lifetime of adventure.  :)

All that's left is for this little lady to get herself a wonderful design job!  You hiring?  


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who's Counting?

14 weeks until Graduation!

21 weeks until the wedding!

Just Sayin...

Wordless Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Hello my long lost blog!  How I have missed you!  The truth is I visit you often but I often don't know what to say...
so....Here is 10 Months worth of "catch up" through pictures.  Ready...Set...GO!

July 11th, 2010- Nicholas PROPOSED!!!!!!

 End of July- Engagement Photos :)

And another :)

August- Dance the night away at Nick's cousin's Wedding!  (P.S. The Photographer we are using for our wedding took this photo of us)

**Engagement Photos taken by Alison Harbaugh (

August-December: Court leaves for school :(

December (aka Christmas Break)- Nick and I share many delicious peppermint mocha's at the Bucks!  Yummy...Christmas in a cup.

January 2011- Leave for school: For the LAST time!!! 

January 15, 2011- Find these awesome rings for the bridesmaids. 

That is the nuttiest nut shell I can provide!  It amazes me that I literally have no pictures taken between August and December 2010!  None!  I guess that is proof that I was very busy at school.