Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Hello my long lost blog!  How I have missed you!  The truth is I visit you often but I often don't know what to say...
so....Here is 10 Months worth of "catch up" through pictures.  Ready...Set...GO!

July 11th, 2010- Nicholas PROPOSED!!!!!!

 End of July- Engagement Photos :)

And another :)

August- Dance the night away at Nick's cousin's Wedding!  (P.S. The Photographer we are using for our wedding took this photo of us)

**Engagement Photos taken by Alison Harbaugh (

August-December: Court leaves for school :(

December (aka Christmas Break)- Nick and I share many delicious peppermint mocha's at the Bucks!  Yummy...Christmas in a cup.

January 2011- Leave for school: For the LAST time!!! 

January 15, 2011- Find these awesome rings for the bridesmaids. 

That is the nuttiest nut shell I can provide!  It amazes me that I literally have no pictures taken between August and December 2010!  None!  I guess that is proof that I was very busy at school.


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