Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Saturday :)

 I went "comfy casual" today since I was doing work at home all day!
Top, Cardigan, and Jeans- The LOFT
Linen Shoes- Rocketdog

Work on my Senior Seminar continues.....

To is a cookin' :) (Turned out not to be a good idea considering I was hand-drafting) Luckily it is only schematic so it is supposed to be "sketchy"

3:50pm- I begin drafting!

5:50pm- Half way complete with the walls...tired...

7:15pm- Walls Complete! Doesn't look like much but believe me, the space is huge and this is in 1/8" scale.
9:20pm- First Floor Plan- Complete!  WooHoo!

9:30pm- Blogging Break!

9:33pm- The work continues....

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  1. Cute cardigan! I need to check out The LOFT more often.